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Bathroom Renovation on a Budget

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Bathroom Renovation on a Budget

We’ve all heard the renovation nightmares that start with a fairy tale vision of what your home can be and end with the homeowners scraping together every penny they can find to complete the project.  Many owners feel overwhelmed at the prospect of a desperately needed renovation because they have a limited budget and they don’t know how best to allocate funds.  But you needn’t feel daunted!  Home renovations can be completed within a strict budget if you simply take the time to carefully plan for your pennies.  Today, let’s take a look at some tips to keep your bathroom renovation on budget.


Countertops can easily turn your budget renovation into a luxury renovation, so choose wisely.  The most modern countertop styles (such as granite) come with a price tag, though it may be worth it to you.  If you’ve got your heart set on luxury style, you can still save money.  Neutral colours tend to be more popular and more expensive, so compare the cost of the various colours of your material of choice.


Bathroom fixtures include lighting, faucets, towel racks, drawer and cupboard handles, and medicine cabinets or shelving.  Fixtures can usually be updated on a very small budget, and you can choose what to update as your budget allows.  You can even get creative with your bathroom fixtures and repurpose old plumbing pipes for towel racks!


Repainting is an inexpensive renovation that really packs a bang for your buck.  If you want to make a quick impact on a small budget, grab yourself some paint that is designed for bathrooms or areas with high humidity.  High quality paints with satin finish make a great choice for bathrooms.

Caulk and Grout

Like paint, re-caulking or re-grouting your bathroom can make a significant impact on its visual appeal without damaging your bank account.  Most moderately experienced DIY enthusiasts can even do the job themselves.


Tile is an attractive and functionally important feature in a bathroom, but it’s also potentially very expensive.  One way to keep your bathroom renovation on a budget is to restrict how much tile you use.  Decide whether it’s more important to have tile on your floors or inside the shower and stall walls – what will make the most visual impact?

Refinish or New

The most expensive updates to bathrooms involve replacing tubs, showers, toilets, and sinks.  You should be sure to price out these updates thoroughly before you begin a bathroom renovation to be sure your budget allows it.  If you have your heart set on replacing these items, consider some alternatives that will keep your costs down.  Refinishing your bathtub is often a much cheaper option than replacing it with a new one.  Also, consider buying used tubs, sinks, and toilets that are in good condition, or even to bring a vintage appeal to your bathroom.


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