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2016 Office Design Trends

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If I stepped into your office would I feel like I’d stepped into a time warp?  Is your office space neatly organized and optimized for efficiency?  Would I discover an environment that’s conducive to productivity or one that ensures stagnation?  There are many reasons to redesign your office – impressing potential clients, improving workflow, and inspiring staff are just a few of these reasons.  Indeed, the best workspaces implement alternative design strategies that not only make workers happier and more effective, but also tell your potential clients you mean business.  So, let’s look at some of the top office design trends of 2016.

Let’s Get Natural

Fluorescent lights are inexpensive and effective insofar as they create light.  White walls do not distract.  Plastic plants take care of themselves.  Unfortunately, as our office spaces have become increasingly artificial, they’ve also become much less inspirational.  The move toward incorporating nature in the work environment is aimed at making the workplace a more refreshing place to be.  Reclaimed wood panelling, real plants and flora, and access to natural light are examples of ways to make the working environment a much more natural one.  Natural elements create a cozier, more comfortable environment that can actually be invigorating for staff.

Shake It Up

Hierarchy has established itself as a mainstay of the office.  Executives get the fancy corner office with a view while mail room staff toils in a dingy basement.  Ok, this may be an exaggeration, but in 2016 offices are moving away from assigned seating, cubicles, and designated offices for middle management toward a truly open concept with multipurpose workstations, casual break areas, and circular meeting tables.  You should even consider installing adjustable desks that allow staff to work from a seated or standing position.

A Splash of Colour

Incorporating splashes of colour into the workplace can promote creativity and happiness at work.  Even office furniture can benefit from a burst of colour.  One of the more interesting applications of colour in the office relates to the everyday desktop items we store – consider a vibrantly coloured IN or OUT tray, brightly adorned desk chairs, or a filing cabinet that pops with colour.

Think Community

Ultimately, your office is a place for people who work together to collaborate on projects and ideas.  In 2016, office design trends are all about how to promote community and interactivity in the office.  Community tables are popular in modern restaurants, but they’re a great idea for the office too.  These tables represent an evolving workplace where anybody and everybody can come together to share ideas, challenges, and solutions.  You can even consider designing shared lounge spaces where your staff can step away from a difficult problem to relax and refocus as a team.

Incorporate some of these truly progressive design ideas into your office in 2016 and see how much a new perspective on office style can inspire and invigorate your staff.

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