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Dental Office Renovation Costs

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It should go without saying that a dental office is a specialized spaced that requires careful planning and organization to develop or renovate.  Not only will you need to install unique equipment, but even the layout of the office is critical to running an efficient dental practice.  As such, it is always highly recommended that you work with a professional contractor with experience in dental office renovations no matter the scale or scope of your project.  Of course, whenever you’re planning a renovation project under the supervision of a contractor, budget is one of the first considerations you’ll make.  So what can you expect about dental office renovation costs?  Let’s take a closer look.

We’ve already established that a dental office renovation is like no other.  Nevertheless, there are some aspects of renovation such as permits, business growth, and accessibility that absolutely factor into the cost of any renovation.  So, while it can be very difficult to apply a cookie-cutter approach to estimate the costs of a dental office renovation, we can at least start by examining the costs associated with these renovation necessities.


First and foremost, any building project will require a variety of permits.  Every municipality will have their own permitting requirements, codes, rules, and timelines for securing permits.  As such, it is important to do your research in advance, because while the permits themselves can be inexpensive, there are frequently delays in acquiring permits; and time is money, as they say.  Generally speaking, permits will cost somewhere between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars (depending on the project), but if there are any delays in getting the permits, your costs will be higher due to lost income from your practice and the cost of maintaining your office space.

Business Growth

One factor that adds to the cost of a dental office renovation now and in the future is business growth.  What does that mean?  Well, a smart dental practice will plan for a growing practice.  That means your renovation plan must incorporate space and equipment for more patients in the future.  On the other hand, if you base your renovation on your current patient load, you’re not allowing room for growth.  More importantly, advances in diagnostic technology may require that you purchase and install new equipment.  Will your renovation account for these kind of updates?  If not, you can expect extensive future costs to accommodate an advancing field of medical practice.


Finally, one factor that many business owners (never mind dentists) may not consider is accessibility for patients living with disabilities.  While you may not have any such patients in your roster, there will still be strict building requirements if you’re updating a space or building a new office.   From ramp access to accessible washrooms, you will be required to create an accessible dental office.

As you can see, many factors will impact your dental office renovation costs, and it can be very difficult to define the bottom line without some specific information about your renovation project.  Most medical office renovations are quite costly, exceeding $100,000 for a very basic project.  Since you are making such a sizeable investment, make sure to work with a qualified, experienced, and honest contractor.

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