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Important Elements for Commercial Renovations

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Important Elements for Commercial Renovations

When it comes to design elements for commercial renovations, there are many considerations that need to be made.  Achieving your ideal style and vision is not a one-size-fits-all goal.  Nevertheless, there are some design elements in commercial renovation that can help you achieve your desired effect, whatever that effect.  Wood, glass, and metal can be employed to create a sophisticated design whether or not you’re looking for a modern or traditional style.  Here’s some food for thought.


Wood is certainly a traditional element, and it’s been used for centuries in construction and design.  Nothing really shouts sophistication quite like a beautiful wood finish, and you’ll notice its design versatility in almost every commercial sector.  A quick stroll through high-end shopping stores and you’ll see that wood can have a wide range of impacts.  Modern wood finishes tend to be lighter in colour, while traditional design relies heavily on deep colours and distinct contours.  Either way, wood creates elegance in commercial renovations without dominating the design theme – unless that’s what you want.  The natural tones of wood create warmth and depth, and this design element can be utilized inexpensively.  In fact, modern designers often utilize faux wood veneers to utilize the benefits of wood design elements at a fraction of the cost.


Glass is certainly a more contemporary design element, but there are classical applications of this medium as well.  Consider the impact of ornate coloured glass elements compared to clear-glass cabinetry.  One evokes an image of old-world elegance while the other has the potential to create modern, edgy style.  Glass is obviously a great choice for showcases, but when combined with other design elements it can have distinctly different style impacts.  You can even consider lighting and how it affects glass design elements.  If you are taking a more modern approach, you probably want to employ clean lines and backlighting.  If you prefer something more traditional, chandeliers or iron light fixtures are a great choice.


So since we started discussing iron, it seems like the perfect time to talk about metal design elements.  As with wood, metal design can be distinctly modern or distinctly old-world.  Which metals you use as well as their finish will significantly impact your commercial style.  Metallic, especially reflective surfaces are eye-catching, and make a common component of modern architecture.  Yet, finished slightly differently, perhaps with a duller appearance, and your metal finishes suddenly evoke traditional design styles.  Indeed, matte and brushed metallic finishes are subdued but effective design features.

Ultimately, your design elements will reflect your personal preferences.  Work closely with your designer and have fun with wood, glass, and metallic elements to create the perfect commercial space for your business.

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