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Is It Time to Renovate your Restaurant?

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The restaurant business is highly competitive – margins are small for owners and choices are aplenty for customers.  In order to operate a successful restaurant, you need to utilize every possible advantage; as such, it’s important to offer excellent food, great service, but also attractive décor.  If your restaurant doesn’t offer an inviting environment, it might not matter how good your food is, customers just won’t come.  Is it time to renovate your restaurant?  Let’s look at the top reasons restaurant owners should consider a makeover.

Health Hazards

Perhaps the only reason to renovate that cannot be overlooked health hazards such as asbestos and mould must be addressed through proper renovation.  Unfortunately, humidity and resulting mould are common problems for restaurant owners.  Kitchens use a lot of water and it can be difficult to keep moisture levels in check in order to prevent the growth of mould.  Likewise, older building often utilize asbestos for electrical or building insulation, and should it become exposed it must be removed professionally because of its links to fatal lung illnesses such as cancer and pneumoconiosis.  If you have any concerns about similar health hazards in your restaurant, it’s time to renovate.

Outdated Décor

The next most common reason for restaurant makeovers is outdated décor.  If your restaurant has not been renovated in a long time, you’re simply not putting your best foot forward.  Modern, fresh design conveys an image of modern, fresh food and will not only encourage existing customers to return, but new customers to visit as well.  Even if you have a small budget for renovations, a new paint job and some fixture upgrades may be all you need.  Still, any restaurant seemingly designed in the 1980s will likely need more significant upgrades – for example, new furniture can help you maximize the use of space, new light fixtures create your ideal ambiance, and new flooring can completely revitalize your restaurant.

Creature Comforts

Ultimately, your restaurant needs to be a comfortable space for your patrons.  The best restaurants are kind of like a customer’s home-away-from-home.  Staff members are friendly and build quick rapport, but the furniture and overall environment needs to be comfortable too.  Uneven chairs and tables, damaged upholstery, and hard wooden chairs are just a few examples of problems that can make your restaurant less comfortable than desired.  It’s time for a renovation if your customers can’t be at ease when they visit your restaurant.

Unsavory Patio Space

Finally, an upgraded patio can be a great advertisement for your restaurant.  New patio furniture, outdoor heaters, and beautifully lighting can not only affordably expand your seating space, but an inviting patio will also attract passersby.  You should certainly consider renovating if your patio is nonexistent or unattractive.

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