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Office Renovation Costs

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As you would expect from any renovation, office renovation costs can vary widely depending on the scope of the project.  There are many factors to consider in your office renovation, each of which will ultimately impact your overall costs.  For example, the size of your office, contractor rates, and material and equipment costs will all have a significant impact on the overall costs of your office renovation.  In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that it is impossible to estimate office renovation costs without a clearer picture of some of these details.  Let’s break down some of these costs so that you can at least come up with a ball park figure for your office renovation.

Size Matters

When we are talking about construction or renovations, the size of the space will always impact the cost of the project.  On average, a home office renovation that includes new shelving and cabinetry, increased storage, new flooring and drywall, and improved services (i.e. electrical) costs around $185 per square foot.  Since the typical home office is somewhere between 150 and 250 square feet, you could expect a comprehensive renovation to cost between $25,000 and $50,000.  Obviously, these costs are gross estimates and your renovation may actually cost much less or much more depending on what you need.

Contracting Contractors

It’s always advisable to work with a contractor that has direct experience with office renovations.  Contractors have the resources and contacts available to ensure your renovation goes smoothly.  However, it’s not always cheap to work with a contractor as on average they’ll charge you between $40 and $100 per hour.  A general contractor will oversee your entire project and will hire tradespeople as required for your renovation.  Not only will you need to cover the costs of a general contractor, but each tradesperson will usually charge hourly as well.  For example, electricians usually cost between $60 and $80 per hour, carpenters charge around $65 per hour, painters come in at $20 to $40 per hour, and plumbers cost somewhere around $50 per hour.  Also, keep in mind that these rates tend to be higher in urban centres as the cost of doing business tends to be higher as well.

A Material World

When we’re talking about the materials that go into your office renovation, we’re talking about things like drywall, insulation, doors and windows, flooring, etc.  In addition, you need to factor in the cost of design.  Hardwood flooring is considerably more expensive than laminate or carpeting.  You also need to consider whether you require any office equipment upgrades – printers, computers, or even new air conditioning systems will obviously impact your renovation budget.

As you can see, determining the costs of an office renovation can be difficult, especially if you do not have experience with office renovations.  Working with a professional contractor and/or renovation expert will help you get a clear idea of the costs of an office renovation as it pertains to your specific needs and goals.

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