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Office Renovation Tips

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Whether you are a small startup, a major corporation looking for expanded office spaces, or your current office needs an upgrade, office renovations should always be carefully planned an executed.  Though it may seem like office renovations are a simple and straightforward task (just get some desks and computers, right?), they can actually be very challenging projects.  These office renovation tips will help you navigate a smooth and successful office renovation.  Let’s take a closer look.

Set Clear Goals

Setting clear goals at the beginning of your office renovation can help you avoid the many pitfalls associated with these types of projects.  Whether you’re moving to a new space or just upgrading your current space, you need to ask yourself some questions about the extend of your office renovation.  How much office and meeting space do you need?  How will staff be affected by the renovation?  Where will you continue to conduct business during the renovation?  Who will take the lead on the renovation?  Is your renovation primarily cosmetic or functional in nature?

In the early stages of your renovation, you need to answer all these questions and more so that you can set an appropriate budget and make plans to conduct business during the renovation.

Think to the Future

Sure, you’ve identified some problems with your office today, or why else would you bother with a renovation?  While your renovation goals may be focused on solving some of your problems today, the time and money spent on these office projects should be reason enough to think long-term.  You can make improvements to your office today that will continue to benefit your team well into the future.  If you plan to stay in an office for 10 or more years, you want to be sure that your renovation gives you room to grow and adapt to new technologies.

Budget Carefully

Even the most effective planners will always tell you to leave some wiggle room in your budget.  Especially when it comes to renovations, you need to learn to expect the unexpected.  If you overestimate your budget, you’ll be better positioned to make minor (or major) adjustments to your plan along the way.  As a contingency plan, think about adding about 10% to your starting budget.

Schedule your Renovation

It’s hard to avoid it, but an office renovation is likely going to impact business operations.  The project is likely to affect many of your staff and you’ll want to carefully schedule your renovation so as to impact the least number of people for the shortest amount of time.  You probably want to work some of these scheduling requirements into your renovation contract and obviously arrange the biggest parts of the renovation for your office’s slowest season.

Know What you Need

You may really want a private bathroom in each executive office, but your budget won’t likely allow for these kinds of improvements.  Before you start your renovation, you need to identify needs and wants.  Focus your renovation on all the things your office really needs, but identify your wants in case the budget allows it.  As your renovation progresses and you’re more comfortable with how costs are coming together, you can add some of these “wants” without compromising any of your “needs.”


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