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Office Space Design Trends

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What can I say about traditional office design?  Get some desks, some computers, maybe a plant or two and you’re done.  Offices are for work, and design was typically an afterthought.  On the other hand, modern offices are more and more frequently designed to reflect not only efficiency but style as well.  Colour schemes, floor plans, lighting, and ergonomics are crucial considerations when designing an office space that brings balance to work and employee satisfaction.  And since satisfied employees are happy employees and happy employees are productive employees, it should come as no surprise that many business owners today are taking office space design much more seriously.  So, let’s take a look at some of the top contemporary office space design trends.

We’re Living in a Digital World

It’s the 21st century and the most efficient offices are embracing technology like never before.  Cloud-based storage is replacing clunky, space-wasting, unattractive filing cabinets.  With all that extra space, office designers are discovering more creative ways to make an office space more efficient and appealing to its workers.  More conference rooms, break rooms equipped with modern conveniences, and fully-equipped kitchens can replace unnecessary storage space and help to cultivate a collaborative company culture.

The Desk of Now

In many offices, staff members are looking for modern updates to the traditional desk.  For example, as we become more health conscious, standing desks are becoming increasingly popular as a healthier alternative to sitting all day.  But, if we’re going down the road of a standing desk, consider the possibilities.  Treadmills at desks, adjustable desks that allow for sitting and standing, and even wireless desks are modern alternatives to traditional desk spaces.

Plus, as we become more mobile, many business owners are moving away from large, cumbersome stationary desks dedicated to individual employees to “hot-desks” which are small workstations that are shared among mobile staff members.

Strike Natural Balance

Bringing natural elements into your office space can be a great way to invigorate your employees.  Natural lighting is a great alternative to standard fluorescent bulbs which (if you ask me) zap staff of energy and contribute to a dreary work environment.  Large windows and skylights provide natural light, but if these are not feasible designs for your office, there are other ways to bring in some natural balance.  Recycled woods, living walls, and green patios can be incorporated into the design of almost any office space.

Plan Ahead

When designing your office space, don’t think just of what you need now, but also where you’re going in the future.  A flexible office design incorporates modular workspaces, adaptable meeting spaces, and current technologies so that your office can change as your business needs change.

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