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Planning Your Office Renovation

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Dreary outdated décor, inefficient systems, inadequate storage, or general disorganization got you considering an office renovation?  At some point in the lifetime of any office, renovations are going to happen.  You may be considering some minor updates, or you may be aware that your office requires a major overhaul – regardless of the scope of your office renovations, if you’ve decided it’s time to make some updates, planning your office renovation is a process that requires care and attention.  Here are some tips to help you with planning your office renovation.

Now and Then

Where are you now, and where are you going?  It’s very important to set clear renovation goals before you start making any concrete plans.  As yourself some important questions:

  • What will this renovation accomplish?
  • What do you need to achieve?
  • What is working in your office now?
  • What isn’t working?
  • Why is an office renovation important?

Ultimately, you want to get a sense of which problems you need to solve and how your office renovation will solve those problems.  Working closely with a project manager, you should be ready to analyze you expect from your renovation and even start to prioritize elements of your renovation.  No two office renovations are the same, you may be looking to update your décor, install new technology, improve infrastructure, expand for more staff, or all of the above.  Whatever the purpose of your renovation, communicate this clearly with your project manager so that you plan the project appropriately.


Team Work Makes the Dream Work

You always want to know you’re working with a great team for any project and an office renovation is no different.  You may even need to consider that construction professionals will be working in the same space as your office personnel.  Choose your construction project manager carefully so that you are confident that you can work well together, but also so that you know construction and office staff will be able to cohabitate, if necessary.  Even if you plan to set up a temporary office, communication with the construction team will still be important – so choose a project manager just as you would any other managing staff member.  Ultimately, your construction team will be part of your business team during the renovation.

Put your Business Skills to Work

As a business owner, you should know all about due diligence.  Before starting your office renovation, you want to conduct a thorough needs assessment and identify the current strengths and weaknesses of your office environment and hopefully identify some opportunities to improve.  Consider gathering input from your staff and even speak to other business owners about their experiences with office renovations.  Finally, bring in expert advice to ensure you have a big picture perspective as well as an attention to the details.

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