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Restaurant Renovation Tips

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Keeping your restaurant design on pace with the times is an important strategy for maintaining relevance in a very competitive industry.  Customers will judge the quality of your restaurant as much by its appearance as its food.  In fact, experts in the field recommend remodeling your restaurant at least once a decade as a method for not only attracting new customers but to keep loyal customers interested.  These restaurant renovation tips will help your restaurant maintain its competitive advantage.

Plan, Plan, Plan

The most important part of any renovation, restaurant or otherwise, is adequate planning.  Setting goals will help you set a budget and a timeline, both very important for keeping your business in the black.  Profit margins in the restaurant industry are tight, so you need to plan your renovation carefully to ensure you keep the project on budget.  Similarly, you can’t keep your business closed for an extended period of time, so planning will help ensure a quick and efficient remodel.

Let’s Talk Money

Ok, so you’ve got a budget in mind, but have you got the financing secured?  Never start a renovation until you’re certain you’ve got the funds to cover it.  If you run out of money mid-project, your restaurant will most certainly be closed for longer than you anticipated.  This will subsequently result in lost business.  Secure your financing before your remodel, and always make sure you have wiggle room in your budget.

Out With the Old?

Hold on a second – if you’ve got a successful restaurant and loyal customers, you don’t want to go too extreme with your remodel.  You must consider your current customers before you remodel.  Not only do you want them to be informed about renovations and how this will impact them, you want to be sure that they’re still comfortable in your space after the renovation.  Ambiance is an important part of the restaurant experience, so don’t completely abandon your style during the renovation.  You can even consider speaking to your customers for input.

Oh No, Not Research

Visit new restaurants in your area, find restaurant trends on the internet, consider the demographics in your neighbourhood, and plan your remodel accordingly.  When you know what the most successful restaurants are doing and what people in your neighbourhood enjoy, only then will you be ready to create your design.  A restaurant in the business centre of a city should not be modeled after a suburban family restaurant.   Research may seem tedious, but it will help you fashion the perfect restaurant for your patrons.

Trust in Professionals

Finally, work with professional restaurant designers and contractors for your remodel.  This will help you keep on top of trends and also ensure an efficient remodel so that you’re back in business as soon as possible.



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