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Tips for a Successful Office Renovation

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Renovations of any variety often pose interesting challenges and deliver unanticipated stressors, but they also offer important rewards.  Office renovations can help you create not only a more productive and efficient workspace, but they can revitalize your business.  The following tips for a successful office renovation will help you complete the project effectively and with the least amount of stress possible.

Planning Makes Perfect

Well, a plan will get you as close to perfect as you can get with a renovation.  Before you begin your renovation, you should carefully plan every step of the project.  You’ll want to determine your budget and consider costs of everything from fixtures to furniture.  Research office design ideas and make sure to have a clear vision of your ideal office.  Consider your floor plan, your must-have upgrades, your style choices, and every detail to make your renovation as smooth as possible.  And don’t forget to plan for where you’ll work while the renovation is under way.

Patience is a Virtue

When it comes to renovations, you must be patient and roll with the punches.  As ironic as it may seem, surprises should be expected.  Incorporate a buffer in your budget as there are almost always unexpected costs when renovating.  Also, your renovation timeline will not be set in stone; if you’re lucky, the renovation will run on time, but it’s very possible it won’t.

Build on your Strengths

This is good advice in life and in renovations.  There may be aspects of your current office that you want to keep, and that’s fine.  You might already have excellent furniture, great lighting, or an effective layout.  Whatever you like about your current office space can be incorporated into your renovation which will likely save you money.  For example, design elements like exposed beams or brickwork can contribute to a beautiful office style.

Sell, Sell, Sell

Many office components can be sold to raise capital for your renovation.  Appliances, fixtures, and furniture are a few examples of office features that hold some value.  You might even be able to sell scrap metal or other unwanted materials to cover your costs.

Prepare to Sacrifice

Depending on your budget, you may not be able to have everything you want in your redesign.  Start with a wish list that results in your ideal office renovation and then make a realistic budget.  If you know you can’t afford everything on that list, start making wise decisions.  You can choose more affordable flooring or a different wall treatment to save money.  There are more affordable alternatives to almost every element of a renovation.

Listen to the Experts

Working with an expert contractor or designer can help you organize the ideal renovation on a budget you can afford.  You can even do your own research to get ideas about how to effectively and affordably renovate your office.

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