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Bedroom Renovation – Planning

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There are many reasons homeowners undertake home renovations, from adding value to their home to revitalizing outdated décor and bedroom renovations are no exception.  When it comes to the master bedroom, an added benefit is creating a peaceful relaxing space in your home where you can truly unwind at the end of the day.  Indeed, bedroom renovations are often the ideal opportunity to create a retreat from your hectic work and family life; and they don’t need to be overwhelmingly expensive renovations either.  Whether you simply want to update colour schemes or you’re planning a major overhaul, bedroom renovations can be a lot of fun.

Scope of Renovations

There is a lot you can do with a bedroom renovation, so it’s important to set your goals in advance.  For example, if your master bedroom features an en suite bathroom that you plan to renovate as well, you’ll want to factor in the costs of this aspect of the renovation.  In addition, you may decide to revamp or expand closet space, put in new flooring, install energy efficient windows, and throw on a new lick of paint.  Beyond the structural components of your bedroom, you may be considering purchasing new bedroom furniture as well.  Design experts always recommend planning your entire renovation in advance so that you can create a sense of unity and flow throughout your bedroom.

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when planning a bedroom renovation.  Setting clear expectations at the beginning of your project will help you determine the extent of your renovations as well as keep you on budget throughout the entire project.

Planning for the Future

Another consideration to make when renovating your bedroom is to consider the purpose of the project.  Perhaps you’re planning to sell your home and you want to improve its marketability.  On the other hand, you may be planning on retiring in your home, in which case you should consider the impact of aging on your bedroom design.  Either way, the ultimate purpose of your renovation will normally dictate how you approach the project.  For resale value, a quick paint job and some inexpensive carpet might offer the best bang for your buck.  However, if you know you’re staying in your home for the long term, you may want to consider bedroom and bathroom accessibility in your renovation.

Rely on Experts

One final word of advice before beginning a bedroom renovation is to work with expert contractors and design specialists, particularly if you’re planning a major renewal.  Even a short consultation can help you get a clear picture of the best way to achieve your renovation goals, especially considering the experts often have decades of experience to utilize when giving advice.

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