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Building a Deck for your House

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Building a Deck for your House

Long summer nights spent entertaining guests on a deck are the epitome of Canadian summers.  Who among us can’t conjure happy memories with friends lounging, barbecuing, or partying it up on an epic deck.  If you are interested in building a deck for your house so you can create some of these amazing experiences, the keys to success are planning, planning, and more planning!  As with any home renovation project, building a deck can be a great addition to your home.  But keeping on time and on budget while getting the deck of your dreams can be challenging.

Know Your Budget

Maybe the most important first step in any home project is setting the budget.  Let’s be honest, you know how much money you have to spend building a deck for your house, but you might not have any idea what building a deck costs.  Simple decks will typically cost around $15 or $20 per square foot to build, but that’s if you’re building it yourself.  If that’s not your style, a contractor can help you figure out costs.  Keep in mind that extra features such as a fire pit, built-in benches, and planters will add to the cost of your deck.


So yes, you’ve decided to build a deck.  Whether you’re a DIY guru or you’re working with a professional, the first thing you’ll want to do is get your hands on some plans.  There are a wide range of easily adaptable free deck plans available online.  You can use these just to get some ideas of the style of deck you want to build and also start planning for costs.  In fact, many of these deck plans will include a comprehensive list of required materials and even advice from expert builders.

Some homeowners get lucky and find the perfect plan for their home, but you should carefully consider the layout of your home and yard before selecting a plan.  Is your deck going to be the entry point to your yard or is it going to be a separate, enclosed feature?  Think about traffic entering and exiting the deck, the dimensions of your home and yard, and even how you’ll eventually arrange furniture and features on your deck.

Follow the Rules

Finally, your municipality will have building codes and permit requirements even to build a deck.  For example, some codes stipulate the clearance required under a deck, whether you’ll require railings and the minimum height of railings, and the necessary support requirements for a deck of a given size.  Ultimately, to get the proper permits to build your deck, you’ll need to follow municipal regulations.  Fortunately, following these procedures and getting permits will help to ensure the quality and safety of your deck for the long term.


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