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Home Renovation Mistakes

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The key to a successful home renovation, no matter how big or small, is careful planning.  Whether you’re revitalizing your entire home or you have a specific room or addition of focus, your renovation plan should incorporate every detail from structural and building code requirements to your ultimate design and style preferences.  Still, even the most fastidious planner can overlook some common home renovation mistakes, especially when they don’t have a lot of experience with renovation projects.  So, let’s take a closer look at some of the most common home renovation mistakes so that you can be sure to plan your project effectively.

The Big Mistakes

Perhaps the biggest mistake you can make with your home renovation project is hiring the cheapest contractor.  It’s a rare occurrence that the lowest bid is the best contractor, but that doesn’t mean you need to hire the most expensive contractor either.  Ultimately, you should look for a contractor who can provide you with excellent references, a portfolio of projects that demonstrate quality work similar to the kind of renovation you’re doing, and most importantly a communication style that matches your own.  Also, when hiring a contractor, look for the details in their quote – does it include information about costs for materials, sub-contractors, installation, and permits?

Another major mistake home owners make is underestimating their budget.  The only guarantee in a home renovation is there are no guarantees – so, expect the unexpected.  Surprise costs should be considered a certainty in the home renovation game.  Once you’ve set a budget that seems to include every detail and associated cost, add 15% or more to be safe.

Kitchen Mistakes

Kitchen renovations are popular and exciting, but there are a few costly mistakes that you can easily avoid.  First, measure your cabinets very carefully.  One of the most common mistakes home renovation experts see is mistakes with cabinet measurements that mean the fridge or other appliances won’t fit.  Print specs for cabinets and appliances and double check to be sure everything fits.

Finishing Mistakes

Finishes such as countertops and flooring can make the average renovation spectacular, but it’s far too common that home owners follow trends rather than practical options for their home.  For example, granite countertops are popular and beautiful, but also expensive and not always practical.  Save money with an alternative like butcher blocks or plate steal.

Likewise, hardwood flooring is the go-to trend of the day, but homeowners with pets might regret this decision.  Hardwood floors scratch easily making them difficult to maintain in busy households.  Laminate is an attractive and more durable alternative.  And don’t forget convenience and comfort – hardwood or laminate floors need frequent sweeping and cleaning and aren’t the most comfortable to walk on, so offsetting these choices with carpeted areas in bedrooms or low traffic areas is a great idea.

So, before starting your home renovation project remember to carefully plan for every eventuality.  Speak with your contractor about what they recommend for your home so that you can get the most from your home renovation.

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