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Kitchen Renovation FAQs

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Kitchen renovations are always an exciting project because they have a major impact on one of the central meeting places in your home.  However, kitchen renovations also tend to be among the most expensive, so it’s important to carefully consider and plan your project to ensure you get the kitchen of your dreams.  The following kitchen renovation FAQ will help you get the most from your project.

How should I start my kitchen renovation?

Before you begin any actual renovation work, you need to carefully plan out your project.  Homeowners will look through home design magazines to get ideas for different kitchen projects, but they should also sit down with a professional kitchen designer to see how they can implement some of the kitchen ideas they have.  An expert designer will know how to reconfigure your kitchen space to make it more efficient and to optimize storage and work space.  Moreover, an expert designer can help you better understand how you use your kitchen so that it can be configured for your individual needs.

How can I keep my project on budget?

Again, planning is key – so before you begin your kitchen renovation, you want to know exactly what you expect to spend.  You can achieve this by choosing materials like flooring, countertops, and cabinetry in advance.  Once you have designed your new kitchen, it should be easy to calculate the cost of materials and labour.  Ideally, you want to minimize changes to your renovation plans to avoid unforeseen costs.  Again, working with a professional kitchen designer can help you make the best choices for your kitchen, your budget, and your lifestyle.

What timelines should I expect for my kitchen renovation?

Depending on the scope and extent of your renovation (i.e. are you removing and replacing all cabinetry or are you looking to make some quick aesthetic improvements?), the typical kitchen renovation project will last between 3 and 6 weeks.  But remember, if you make changes to your kitchen redesign during the construction phase, you should expect the renovation to take longer.

Can I continue to live at home during the kitchen renovation?

Of course, most homeowners decide to stay at home whether they are doing the renovation themselves or working with professional contractors.  Nevertheless, you should always account for some disturbance to your normal activities.  There will likely be some times that your kitchen appliances cannot be used, which can be an inconvenience.  Still, most kitchen renovations are completed within a few weeks, so inconveniences are minimal.

Should I work with professional contractors?

Absolutely!  Unless you are a very skilled do-it-yourself renovator, it is always advisable to work with professional plumbers, electricians, and carpenters.  Not only will the job be done according to code, but working with licensed professionals gives you added piece of mind knowing if something goes wrong it will be fixed.

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