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Kitchen Renovation Tips on a Budget

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Kitchen renovations are the most expensive of all.  When it comes to fitting new appliances and cabinets, it should come as no surprise that kitchen renovations can make a major impact on your bottom line.  Still, there are many ways to upgrade your kitchen without spending extravagantly, so here are just a few kitchen renovation tips if you’re on a budget.


You can spend an absolute fortune on countertops, and with today’s trends toward granite or other stone features, you’re probably already aware of the cost of countertops.  Nevertheless, there are attractive countertop alternatives that aren’t so difficult to stomach budget-wise.  For example, wood is an extremely appealing countertop option that is also budget-friendly.  Not only is wood durable, but it can be a beautiful addition to your kitchen.  A spar varnish (commonly used on boats) can further enhance the strength and durability of your kitchen countertop.

Another budget-conscious option for countertops is Carrara marble.  Especially if you’re partial to stone finishes, Carrara marble is less expensive than other stone countertops, and can even be purchased as tiles that can be installed over a wood countertop.  Keep in mind, Carrara is a softer marble and more prone to scratches, so consider a honed finish that will better hide imperfections.


Cabinets can also be an expensive upgrade in the kitchen, especially if you’re considering replacing them entirely.  However, if the boxes for your cabinets are sound, you may consider just replacing cabinet doors or even refacing or refinishing the doors.  Another inexpensive choice for updated cabinetry is simply painting your current cabinets.  You can obviously do this kind of work yourself, but you might want to hire a professional painter who will likely do an excellent job of uniformly painting and installing the doors.


The sink and backsplash are two important considerations to make with respect to fixtures in your kitchen.  You probably want to coordinate these upgrades with countertops as well.  With respect to the sink, you want to consider whether you need a single or double-basin sink, but instead of buying brand new, consider lightly used options.  You may even consider your current sink in the context of other upgrades.  With respect to your sink/countertop combinations, light countertops work better with light-coloured sinks; alternatively, dark countertops work well with stainless steel sinks.  Also, think about your faucet, there are a lot of beautiful options nowadays from brass or brushed bronze to high-gloss stainless steel.

Finally, your backsplashes should always be replaced along with your countertop in order to maintain a consistent design.  Fortunately, you’ll often find a wide range of inexpensive tiles for a backsplash that will match just about any countertop.  For example, subway tiles are simple, but elegant and you’ll find them in a wide range of styles, sizes, and colours.

The most important step you can make to a budget-friendly kitchen renovation is planning home renovation.  If you carefully plan your renovation, you can ensure all your choices fit your budget.  Follow some of the above tips and you can certainly upgrade your kitchen even on the most conservative budget.

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