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Kitchen Renovation Tips

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Kitchen renovations are among the most costly home improvement projects, but they also tend to make the biggest impact.  As with any renovation project, the key to success is careful planning and budgeting.  When you’re mapping out your kitchen renovation, you have a number of important considerations.  Let’s take a closer look.


Have you ever been in your kitchen and thought, “I wish the pots were closer to the stove?”  Or, “This fridge door opens the wrong way.”  Or, “I need more storage space.”  Every criticism you’ve ever had about your kitchen can be corrected during your kitchen renovation so it’s critical to think about function and efficiency.  Your primary question needs to be “How can I make this space the most efficient?”

You want to make your space attractive but also functional.  Ideally, the fridge, oven, and sink should all be in close proximity as these are the 3 points used most.  Then think about storage and how you could ideally arrange your kitchen – pots next to the stove, glasses and dishes near the fridge and sink, pantry items next to food preparation spaces.  When you’re planning your kitchen renovation you have the perfect opportunity to create a fully functional, efficient, and attractive living space.


Lighting is a high impact design element.  Many home owners don’t take enough time to consider the impact of lighting, but few elements are as important.  You want a comfortable level of light for food preparation without creating a surgical atmosphere.  You also want even lighting in the kitchen, so surface-mount fixtures where the bulb is below the ceiling are recommended.  Also consider under-cabinet lights as they are attractive and functional.


When choosing new appliances for your kitchen, start with the stove and work from there.  Your oven/stove is a highly visible appliance but it is also the most commonly used.  You want your appliances to match, but you can narrow your options by picking a stove in the right colour and style.  You’ll also want to get a hood for your range both to improve ventilation and for its design impact.  When installing your stove, you want to have counter space on either side to improve the efficiency of the space.

Cabinets and Counters

Finally, you need to take some time to choose your cabinets and countertops.  These are among the most expensive kitchen renovation elements but they also set the design tone for the whole project.  Open shelves are an inexpensive and increasingly popular design alternative to cabinets.  Many new kitchen projects also feature deep drawers instead of cupboards as they make it much easier to access dishes, pots, and cooking supplies.

With respect to countertops, you want them to align with your overall style but also fit your budget.  There are a wide range of countertop options nowadays and stone alternatives are among the most popular (and expensive).  Nevertheless, with the variety of countertops available, you should easily find something that fits your style and your budget.

Final Words

Remember, renovating your kitchen can be a lot of fun and give you the flexibility to create the perfect space for you and your family.  Plan ahead and consult professionals and you’ll be sure to get the most from  your kitchen renovation project.

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