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Planning a Bathroom Renovation

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Any successful bathroom renovation is contingent on good planning, and this is particularly true of bathroom renovations.  The bathroom, after all, is a very important room in your house.  Even if you’re not reliant on just one or two bathrooms for your family, bathroom renovations can range significantly in the scope and cost of the project.  Careful planning is critical.  So, this bathroom renovation checklist will help you get the most from your renovation.

Project Scope

Probably the very first consideration you need to make involves the scope of your renovation.  Before you can map out your renovation, you need to know what you plan to do.  Are you gutting your bathroom, or simply making minor updates?  Are you replacing fixtures?  Ultimately, determining the scope of your project will allow you to create a budget, determine timelines, and make other decisions along the way.


You absolutely must set your budget at the beginning of the project – this will affect all your decisions throughout the renovation.  Setting a budget will help you decide which updates to make, how much you can spend on fixtures, and where you can cut back to save money.


You should also carefully consider the amount of time that will go into your bathroom renovation.  A new coat of paint and updated flooring can be installed in a day or two, but more major renovations can sometimes take several weeks.  Planning timeframes will not only help you organize your life, but it will help you organize your renovation.  Set milestones so you’re prepared at every stage of the renovation including when to purchase flooring, fixtures, and cabinets.

Style and Function

During the planning stages of your renovation, you should consider what you want to achieve with the remodel.  Obviously style is an important consideration – from the colour palette to flooring and cabinet materials, there are a lot of style choices to be made.  In addition, consider the functionality of your bathroom.  You want to ensure that your bathroom serves the needs of your family.  For example, do you want a full bathtub, or just a shower?  In addition, you should think about functionality insofar as it impacts the resale value of your home.  If your home lacks a bathtub, you might consider installing one during your renovation, for instance.

Professional Help

Finally, you’ll want to take some time to think about who will complete your renovation project.  Certainly, bathroom remodels are a popular project for the DIY enthusiast, but working with a professional contractor has distinct benefits.  Not only can a contractor arrange all the necessary services and ensure your new bathroom adheres to relevant building codes, but their expertise may also save you money in the long run.  Working with professionals ensures that mistakes are avoided, while also helping you to make the best decisions based on your budget and desires.

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